ABI Program

The NeuronRoom ABI Program is a multifaceted acquired brain injury rehabilitation program, designed to not only address the symptoms of acquired brain injury, but also pave a way to recovery. Common causes of acquired brain injury are trauma, stroke, anoxia, infection, tumors, and surgery.

Program Overview

Our treatment protocol consists of two, one hour sessions a week for 12 weeks. It is a group setting, limited to 5 participants per group. The essence of this program employs unique combinations of cognitive training and complex, sensory informed movements. York University neuroscientists are part of this program, conducting ongoing research to aid in validating the programs clinical efficacy.

12 weeks total, 2 x week. Each session is 1hr. In addition to this, there will be 3 additionally scheduled assessment/measurable outcome sessions, each taking around 30 minutes. At the end of the program, there will be one additional consultation scheduled to discuss results of the program and decide on any further steps that may be requested.

Each 1hr session consists of: Cognitive Training, Sensory Informed Movement training, and Breath Training. As well, general lifestyle advice will be given to implement outside of program time.

Each month during the three-month program we will ask you to do 5 brief tasks to monitor your performance. Four of these are questionnaires to assess how you are doing in terms of daily function, sleep, quality of life, and life satisfaction. The final test is a simple test of mobility where you are timed as you get up from a chair and move forward.

This is a group session (limited to 5 participants per group), with a one-time fee of $1200 for the full program. There are no additional hidden costs.

To inquire about the next start date, or ask us anything about program, please feel free to contact us.