The NeuronRoom at NeuroChangers

The NeuronRoom is a division of NeuroChangers, a neurological rehabilitation clinic that has specialized in complex neurorehab for over 10 years. As an adjunct to physical rehabilitation, The NeuronRoom was founded to tackle the chronic cognitive challenges that often manifest after a brain injury.

The NeuronRoom offers multi-faceted approach to cognitive rehabilitation. Some fundamentals of this approach include perceptual cognitive training, sensory informed movement, breath training, nutritional supplements, and lifestyle recommendations.

As well, The NeuronRoom has established programs to enhance physical performance. These programs are directed at sport related professionals looking to take their skills to the next level. Those holding high stress positions like CEOs, lawyers, and first responders could also benefit from these programs.

Jesse Lown, The NeuronRoom ABI Program Director

Jesse graduated in 2001 from the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ITCM) in Toronto, the oldest Chinese Medicine Institute in Canada.  Intrigued with the depth of knowledge TCM offered, Jesse made his way to China to live, and continue learning.

Jesse lived in China for 3 years, interning in various hospitals and private clinics. His specialization became acupuncture, manual therapy, and traditional movement practices, with an emphasis on Eastern philosophy and classical medical literature.

For the past 10 years, in conjunction with NeuroChangers Rehabilitation, Jesse has effectively designed and implemented treatment methodologies that utilize both traditional and modern perspectives of practice, including everything from state-of-the-art robotics and rehabilitation equipment to diet and lifestyle management. He has also recently had the opportunity to collaborate with neuroscientists from York University in the development of a sensorimotor-focused acquired-brain-injury recovery program.

While maintaining his clinical practice, Jesse has taught traditional Chinese medicine at many private institutions, and over the years has become recognized for his exceptional presentation and public speaking abilities. His devotion to Chinese philosophy and traditional medical theory, as well as modern neurology and physiology, place him in a unique position to comfortably shift between seemingly contradictory paradigms. This perspective, combined with decades of clinical experience, has led him to leadership positions, making him a sought-after and effective educator, and a strong leader within interdisciplinary clinical settings.

Jesse has diligently studied and practiced the traditional mind-body customs of Qigong, TaijiQuan, and Daoist Neigong, and continues to do so.  Jesse returns to China regularly to instruct on behalf of his mentor, as well as to advance his own training.  In 2004, in recognition of his dedication, Jesse became an official 20th generation Taiji lineage holder.

Jesse lives in Toronto, Canada, where he continues to study, practice, and teach.  In his free time, he drinks a lot of Chinese tea and dabbles in painting.

Rob Polesel, The NeuronRoom Elite Performance Program Director

A lifetime sports and health enthusiast, Rob graduated from the University of Toronto in 2014, where he studied Kinesiology. Always keen to work in the sports industry, Rob decided to combine his kinesiology training with his love of sport and obtained a Post Graduate Certificate in Sport Business Management from Humber College in 2018. While at Humber, a study abroad trip to Florida presented Rob the opportunity to complete a brief sports administration internship at IMG Academy. Rob has subsequently had the privilege to work as an administrator at Mooredale Sports Club in Toronto, the Toronto Soccer Association, and enjoyed a five year tenure as an assistant for the Toronto Argonauts, where he had the pleasure of experiencing a Grey Cup championship in 2017.

Rob has been successful in assisting various companies streamline and automate their business operations. Currently, Rob was instrumental helping establish and creating The Neuron Room, specifically focusing on protocols for delivering effective treatments to clients afflicted with neurological disorders and traumatic brain injuries. Over the last six months, Rob has performed studies with established executives using a combination of cognitive platforms, including BRDI (developed at York University) and NeuroTracker, with the ultimate goal of establishing a protocol to improve cognition and performance.