BrainFX Cognitive Assessment

Understanding your Brain Health

The importance of staying on top of our physical health is ingrained in us. We’re advised to track our blood pressure, our cholesterol and our weight, but what do we do to track our brain health? According to Neuroscience Canada, 1 in 4 individuals will experience a brain disorder during their lifetime. This makes understanding our cognitive strengths and challenges, and monitoring changes over time all the more important.  As with physical health, early detection and treatment improves brain health outcomes. For those already experiencing brain dysfunction, better understanding means targeted treatment options, key to recovery and improving your quality of life.

Effective intervention is possible. Until now, obtaining a comprehensive overview of brain health has been a long, challenging and often cost prohibitive process, which can limit access to intervention.

BrainFx makes comprehensive measurement and tracking of your brain health, easier and more accessible. As a Certified by BrainFx Provider, we can get a clear picture of your individual strengths and challenges using this powerful new assessment tool, suggest more targeted treatments and determine their effectiveness in helping to improve your quality of life.

What is a BrainFx Assessment?

A digital assessment tool that assists health professionals with information that may be needed for early detection, diagnosis and treatment of neurological dysfunction.
 BrainFx is designed to be sensitive to mild to moderate dysfunction from brain disorders and more predictive of real life function. The assessment is easy to do, and has two versions. The standard BrainFx 360 assessment is very comprehensive, and takes 60 to 90 minutes. BrainFx Screen is a modified version of BrainFx 360, focusing on only 7 primary areas of cognition, instead of the full spectrum of 30 areas. It takes less then 30 minutes to complete, and is a quick and easy assessment for any population that may be at risk within the elderly, youth and athletes of any age and tier. Following your performance assessment, an immediate report is generated that can be shared with your healthcare team at your discretion.

Using your first assessment as a baseline, the assessment can be taken again following any treatment or intervention to measure your improvement. You can even take a BrainFx assessment to establish your own healthy baseline, a great way to take charge of your brain health.

How Do I Complete the Assessment

Completed on a tablet with your healthcare professional at your side, the BrainFx assessment takes you through fun and engaging activities. The immediate report will provide the information required for your healthcare professional(s) to create your health care plan and return to activity recommendations.

Getting Started

Once you’ve booked your BrainFx assessment, simply:

  • Fill out your self-report (link will be sent to you by email)
  • Invite up to three (3) individuals who know you well to complete a companion report – OPTIONAL
  • Meet with your BrainFx administrator to complete the assessment
  • Review your results with your healthcare provider
  • You can also elect to have your results de-identified and made part of our research database, the Living Brain Bank™. This is your way of contributing to the future of neuroscience!