“We see in order to move; we move in order to see.”

– William Gibon

Sensory informed movement is a primary component of The NeuronRoom ABI Program. This is implemented though a series of repetitive movement drills. These drills are intensional, complex, and engage the whole body. They include actions such as weight shifting, single leg balancing, bilateral crossing of limbs, hand and eye coordination and timed rhythm. Sensory informed is a primary quality emphasized while performing these motions. To be ‘sensory informed’ means emphasizing ‘feeling’ more than ‘doing’. Feeling includes all aspects of input, from the physical sensation of motion, to ones mental and emotional state, even the temperature of the room!

This kind of mindful and informed movement practice has long been observed to be beneficial to the brain and body. As ones spacial awareness, movement potential, and overall comprehension and control of self increases, brain networks will integrate and streamline to a higher degree.